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France gets tough with UK, demands BoJo sign up to EU rules in return for Brexit trade deal – reports

Joy & sorrow: Brexit celebrations take over London as pro-EU crowd grieves in Scotland (VIDEOS)

WORLD 2 years ago

Sweet memento or dartboard substitute? Brexit has spawned tacky merchandise bound to disturb Remainers

HUMOR 2 years ago

Intelligence quotient level at London Brexit celebration expected to mirror 1960s chimp’s tea party|Humor

WORLD 2 years ago

Sir Nigel Farage? Prospect of knighthood for Brexit Party leader provokes joy & horror on Twitter

WORLD 2 years ago

What Brexit? Tories’ first priority is to ban ‘anti-Semitic’ boycotts, envoy says

WORLD 2 years ago

Trade deals & clean exit or ‘years of upset?’ What will ‘getting Brexit done’ really look like for Johnson

US News 2 years ago

U.S. Lobbyists Prepare to Seize “Historic Opportunity” in Tory-Led Brexit to Shred Consumer Safeguards, Raise Drug Prices

WORLD 2 years ago

Will ‘get Brexit done’ ever end? Johnson hits back at haters mocking his campaign slogan with… more Brexit mantra!

WORLD 2 years ago

‘Cold hard evidence of Brexit harm’ or ‘nonsense’? Corbyn reveals secret report downplayed by PM Johnson

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