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UK health secretary denies British govt secretly exported 717,000 AstraZeneca jabs to Australia, despite shortage at home

‘Propaganda arm of the British regime?’ BBC reporter hounded for misquoting former Scottish premier

WORLD 11 months ago

‘Is NATO gone already?’ British popular historian mocked after bemoaning Brexit as ‘tragedy’ somehow damaging post-WW2 security

WORLD 12 months ago

British government’s Christmas plans to relax Covid-19 measures ‘will cost many lives’ – top health journals

WORLD 1 year ago

British health officials voice concerns as UK’s Covid cases SURGE to over 17,500 in ONE DAY

WORLD 1 year ago

‘Intransigent, unrealistic’ British attitude prevents post-Brexit talks from progressing – French FM

WORLD 1 year ago

‘A bit like flu’: Coronavirus will stay with us ‘FOREVER’, British scientist says

WORLD 1 year ago

British govt removes 1.3 MILLION Covid-19 tests from official England figures due to alleged ‘double counting’

WORLD 1 year ago

British nuclear submarine close to disaster after NEAR MISS with packed passenger ferry, report finds

WORLD 1 year ago

‘Not under colonial rule’: Chinese ambassador to UK slams ‘gross interference’ by British over Hong Kong security law

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