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Culture 1 year ago

Kansas City Police Shot a Black Woman Who Said She Was Pregnant and Had Her Hands in the Air

2 men shot in ‘paramilitary style attacks’ in N.Irish city targeted in latest IRA car bomb blast

US News 4 years ago

The Union Fight That Defined Beto O’Rourke’s City Council Days

LIBERTY 4 years ago

Chicago Mayoral Candidate Wants To Settle City Debts by Taxing the Neighbors

LIBERTY 5 years ago

San Francisco Just Passed the Largest Tax Increase in City History. It’s Anybody’s Guess if It’s Legal.

US News 5 years ago

US Uses Banned White Phosphorus Bombs in Syrian City for the Fourth Time in Two Months

US News 5 years ago

Burst water main floods Philadelphia’s historic Center City (VIDEO)

WORLD 5 years ago

Indian football fan dies in car crash near Wold Cup city of Sochi

LIBERTY 5 years ago

After Seattle Ditches Its Amazon Tax, Silicon Valley City Mulls a Google Tax

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