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Biden’s New Death Tax Hits the Middle Class While Excluding Certain Wealthy Investors

Culture 8 months ago

He Defended Chauvin and Wouldn’t Call Floyd’s Death a Homicide. Now His Record Is Under Investigation.

US News 8 months ago

The Long Shadow of Virginia’s Death Penalty

WORLD 8 months ago

Prince Philip: World leaders react to the death of the Duke of Edinburgh

US News 8 months ago

Pro-Cop PAC Tried to Fundraise by Blaming George Floyd for His Own Death

US News 8 months ago

Chauvin Defense Witness Faces Lawsuit of His Own Over Death of Black Teenager in Police Custody

LIBERTY 8 months ago

Cops Granted Immunity Despite Beating Handcuffed Child Nearly to Death in Shocking Video

US News 8 months ago

An All-White Jury Sent Rayford Burke to Death Row. Will North Carolina’s Efforts to Make Amends Be Enough?

Culture 9 months ago

Are Life Sentences a Merciful Alternative to the Death Penalty?

US News 9 months ago

Rethinking Israel’s Blank Check in Light of Palestinian Teen’s Death with US Weapon

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