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WATCH: Wife & Kids Scream in Horror as Cop Kills Unarmed Dad in Their Front Yard

Mosquito spray kills Covid-19? UK military researchers reportedly claim insect repellent may help keep virus away

WORLD 10 months ago

Amphan: Kolkata devastated as cyclone kills scores in India and Bangladesh

WORLD 10 months ago

‘Alcohol poisoning’ kills jailed Egyptian filmmaker

WORLD 11 months ago

Canada shooting: Gunman kills at least 16 in Nova Scotia

WORLD 1 year ago

Thailand shooting: Soldier’s rampage kills at least 12

WORLD 1 year ago

Rush-hour car bomb kills dozens in Somali capital

LIBERTY 1 year ago

EXCLUSIVE: Cop Kills Two Innocent Girls, Gets Off Scot Free and Was Just Elected Mayor

LIBERTY 1 year ago

Cop Shoots, Kills Mentally Ill Man As He Ran Away With Box of Stolen Chicken

WORLD 2 years ago

Afghanistan: Bomb kills 63 at wedding in Kabul

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