‘Only a dope would vote for Sadiq Khan’: London mayor gets pilloried for reportedly mulling cannabis decriminalisation

London has no plans to share Covid vaccines with Republic of Ireland, PM’s office says despite reports

WORLD 2 months ago

Member of London mayor’s ‘statue toppling’ diversity commission resigns amid accusations of racism and anti-Semitism

WORLD 3 months ago

VIDEO shows smoke rising over Houses of Parliament in London. Alarm heard, no confirmed emergency at present

WORLD 4 months ago

WATCH Piers Corbyn FIRE-BREATHING as he stages anti-lockdown ‘party’ in London

WORLD 5 months ago

‘A blunt instrument being retrofitted’: London mayor slams government’s Covid tier restrictions

WORLD 5 months ago

London livid as more than 35 ‘dangerous’ Jamaican criminals avoid deportation flight after last-minute legal challenges

HUMOR 5 months ago

London Full Of ‘Facking Cants’|Humor

WORLD 6 months ago

Quality vs quota? Outcry as Mayor Sadiq Khan tells London police that 40% of new hires must be BAME

WORLD 6 months ago

London Mayor Sadiq Khan challenges UK government’s ‘false choice’ between tackling virus and protecting economy

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