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Verizon’s NFL Covid-19 Screening Cameras Are Based on Bad Science and Questionable Chinese Hardware

RPS Science Photographer of the Year winners and runners up announced

US News 4 months ago

Will Bringing Science Back to the White House Reinvigorate Forensics Reform?

US News 8 months ago

Trump Scoffs at Plea to Take Climate Change Seriously Amid Fires, Mocks Science Instead

US News 9 months ago

The Junk Science Cops Use to Decide You’re Lying

WORLD 11 months ago

Showing two fingers to ‘the science’? BoJo gives green light to lockdown lifting despite NO CHANGE in coronavirus threat level 

WORLD 12 months ago

Health officials ‘withholding evidence’ on why UK did not follow South Korea’s successful Covid-19 strategy – UK science chair

WORLD 1 year ago

‘It’s kind of a rule of thumb’: Adviser reveals UK govt’s 2-meter coronavirus distance instruction based on ‘muddy science’

SCIENCE & TECH 2 years ago

Earth’s helium is running out and it has dire consequences for science

SCIENCE & TECH 2 years ago

The most eye-catching science and tech news stories of 2018

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