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Sadistic Riot Cops Shoot Innocent Wheelchair-Bound Homeless Man in the Head

Horrifying Video Shows Cops Mace Man Then Shoot Him in The Face With Tear Gas Grenade

US News 11 months ago

Twitter Restricts Access to Trump’s Threat to Shoot Minneapolis Protesters

LIBERTY 1 year ago

WATCH: Cops Shoot Through Windshield, Fire 76 Times to Kill Mentally Ill Man with BB Gun

HUMOR 1 year ago

Army ordered to shoot on sight greedy Brits|Humor

LIBERTY 2 years ago

WATCH: Cops Nearly Shoot Yankees GM After Accusing Him of Stealing His OWN Car


Beyonce Music Video Shoot Shuts Down Grand Canyon Landmark

LIBERTY 2 years ago

Police Shoot Mentally Ill Veteran in the Back, Multiple Times, Stand Around as He Bled to Death

WORLD 3 years ago

Poster encouraging parents to shoot rabid children gets feature in UK govt. magazine

LIBERTY 3 years ago

Horrifying Video Shows Cops Shoot and Kill Fleeing Boy to Stop Him From Running Away

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