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Balancing opinions is now problematic? BBC includes different views in story about trans teen suing NHS & triggers ‘woke’ meltdown

WATCH: Insane Cop Tasers Teen On a Bicycle Over Popping a Wheelie

LIBERTY 2 years ago

Cop Goes to Trial After Horrifying Video Shows Him Torture Teen in a Restraint Chair with Taser

LIBERTY 2 years ago

No Charges for Cops Who Shot and Killed a Naked, Unarmed Teen

MONEY 2 years ago

The Margin: This teen went blind and partially deaf after only eating Pringles, French fries and white bread for a decade

MONEY 3 years ago

Mutual Funds Weekly: Think you’re smarter than the average teen when it comes to personal finance? Take this test

Culture 3 years ago

How a Gay Teen, an Internet Nazi, and a Late-Night Rendezvous Turned to Tragedy

WORLD 3 years ago

‘Spot on’: Corbyn hails teen who trounced Tory politics in viral speech

LIBERTY 3 years ago

Rape Charges Dropped Against Cops Who Admitted to Sex With Teen They Kidnapped

US News 3 years ago

Honduran Teen Fled Gangs at Home Only to Be Murdered While Stranded at the U.S.-Mexico Border

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