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Cop Arrested at Work for Sending Pics of His Genitals to FBI Agent He Thought was a Child

NewsWatch: ‘Once you really hate yourself, buy lower than you thought was possible’ — history suggests this approach pays off

SCIENCE & TECH 2 years ago

Plate tectonics began nearly 2 billion years before we thought

HUMOR 2 years ago

Idiot Fly Thought Plastic Food Was Real|Humor


Luke Walton Accuser Kelli Tennant, ‘I Thought He Was Going to Rape Me’

US News 2 years ago

Thought Police: US, Israel Increasingly Banning & Deporting Ideological Enemies

SCIENCE & TECH 3 years ago

The first Americans had pet dogs 1000 years earlier than thought

SCIENCE & TECH 3 years ago

Worst-case climate change scenario is even worse than we thought

SCIENCE & TECH 3 years ago

A mix-up means US air pollution is way worse than thought

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