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LIBERTY 2 weeks ago

Sen. Paul Attacked Again…Left Wing Twitter Encourages Violence

Amazon’s Twitter Army Was Handpicked for “Great Sense of Humor,” Leaked Document Reveals

US News 3 months ago

Twitter Deletes QAnon to Protect US from Upheaval; Russia May Delete Twitter for the Same Reason

WORLD 6 months ago

‘We might get thrown out of NATO’: Twitter baffled & divided over UK govt idea to send warships against EU fishermen

WORLD 7 months ago

Bristol statue destruction is ‘CULTURAL EVENT OF THE YEAR’? We are in big trouble, Twitter critics say

HUMOR 8 months ago

Ted Cruz to Twitter: “Stop Censuring Trump; My Wife IS Ugly and My Dad DID Kill JFK“|Humor

US News 8 months ago

Far-Right Twitter Trolls Won’t Admit They Were Wrong About Killing of a “Patriot” in Denver

WORLD 8 months ago

A Sky News poll suggests Christmas gatherings ‘not a priority’ for UK public during Covid. Oh yes they are, Twitter cries

MONEY 9 months ago

President Trump takes quick spin outside hospital to greet supporters following Twitter teaser

WORLD 9 months ago

‘How long before they tear it down,’ Twitter warriors ask, as they ready for trans activists to take aim at Harry Potter statue

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