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Earnings Results: Zoom Video logs first billion-dollar quarter, but the stock is still falling

Culture 5 months ago

Video Shows a Chicago 13-Year-Old Had His Hands Up. An Officer Shot and Killed Him.

Culture 6 months ago

Video: Cops Draw Guns on a Black Army Officer, Pepper Spray Him, Force Him to the Ground

LIBERTY 6 months ago

Cops Granted Immunity Despite Beating Handcuffed Child Nearly to Death in Shocking Video

ENTERTAINMENT 6 months ago

Boosie Pays a Guy $500 to Slap the Hell Out of Him for Music Video

US News 6 months ago

Video: US Escalates New Cold War as Diplomatic Gloves Come Off, with Carl Zha

WORLD 7 months ago

Piers Morgan mocked as ‘snowflake’ after storming off his own show amid Meghan Markle row (VIDEO)

ENTERTAINMENT 7 months ago

New Video of Lady Gaga Dog Abduction Shows Shooting and Getaway

ENTERTAINMENT 7 months ago

Tiger Woods Badly Injured In Car Crash, First Video of Him Driving Minutes Before

WORLD 7 months ago

Police deploy IR-camera drone to raid underground Birmingham club sporting gym, recording studio, & VIP lounge (VIDEO)

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