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British government’s Christmas plans to relax Covid-19 measures ‘will cost many lives’ – top health journals

India-China clash: Modi says soldiers’ deaths ‘will not be in vain’

WORLD 2 years ago

New Chinese virus ‘will have infected hundreds’

WORLD 2 years ago

Boris Johnson cannot force Scotland to stay in UK ‘against its will’: Sturgeon signals independence referendum on horizon


‘Will & Grace’ Star Shelley Morrison Dead at 83

WORLD 2 years ago

EU will wait on UK Parliament before granting Brexit delay, but no-deal ‘will never be our decision,’ says Tusk

WORLD 3 years ago

‘Gimli’ actor John Rhys Davies says British MPs ‘will damage democracy if they don’t deliver Brexit’

WORLD 4 years ago

Britain ‘will not stay in customs union’ – UK government

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