Telegraph reader Neil Cameron is feeling the pressure after 24 world leaders published a joint letter in the paper calling for a global treaty to help with future pandemics.

‘I think it’s a sensible suggestion,’ he said. ‘Although I’m not sure why they are writing to me about it. I mean, I’ll do my best but I just don’t have the contacts.’

Mr Ferguson has contacted his cousin who moved to New Zealand in 2009, but unfortunately, she doesn’t have Jacinda Ardern’s phone number. The family that run the French villa that Mr Cameron holidayed in with his family for five years in a row told him that they ‘simply don’t have the political sway to help out’.

One of Mr Cameron’s former colleagues was American but despite spending the morning searching all the Jane Smith’s on Facebook, he is yet to find the right one. He tried calling his local Indian, Italian and Caribbean restaurants but they hung up on him.

‘It’s going to take a lot time to even reach the right people in power, let alone actually form a treaty,’ Mr Cameron said. ‘To be honest, I’m beginning to think that rather than passing the buck by writing a letter in newspapers around the world, it would have been better if these guys had just got in on with making this treaty. They have much better contacts than me.’

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