image for Tennessee Man Awakens to Find Shoe on Other Foot
The left shoe left behind (or possibly tossed into a tree) by Miller

Bert Miller of Bon Aqua, Tennessee, recently awakened from a drunken stupor and fumbled for his shoe, only to find it on the other foot.

“I’d heard about people getting wasted and doing stupid shit,” said Miller, “but it had never happened to me. Until now, that, is! My right shoe was on my left foot. God, what a loser,” he said of himself.

Seeking the silver lining, Miller noted, “At least it was my own shoe. Otherwise I might have walked a mile in another man’s shoe!”

He laughed. “But at least then I could have judged him, right?”

Miller had just left the strange bedroom in which he’d come to and set out in what he hoped was the direction of home when he realized that he was wearing only one shoe. His only option, he felt, was to turn around and go back in search of the other.

“One step forward, three steps back,” he summarized ruefully. “What can you do?”

Unfortunately, Miller’s other shoe remains missing; a search of the strange bedroom yielded some interesting findings, but no footwear. Miller says he has vague recollections of throwing his left shoe up into a really tall tree.

“So right now I’m basically just waiting for the other shoe to drop,” he stated.

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