By Chris Rossini

​During the unfortunate times when collectivist ideas dominate, it means that, for most people, their unique individuality has been drilled out of their belief and value system.

For those who lust after power, job number one is to strip the people that you want to rule over of their belief in themselves. One cannot rule over a people that recognize and guard their natural individuality.

Rule necessitates dependency, not independence. In a society where individuals value their independence, the ruler is insignificant. The ruler has few takers; few fans, few worshippers.

But rulers live for the audience. For they too have abandoned their individuality. Everything is about the opinions of others. Others must recognize them. Others must remember them. Their lives literally revolve around the opinions and subservience of others.

Independent individuals serve no purpose to those who have a desire to rule. Independent individuals are nothing but a nuisance. They’re always pointing out that the emperor has no clothes. They’re always pointing out reality, instead of feeding mass delusions.

So job number one for the ruler is to strip as many people as possible of their independence. Dependence is the religion. 

The people must be conditioned to never even consider that they themselves are the only way out of their problems; that they themselves are the answer to their challenges. Instead, in their newly conditioned minds, they can only be rescued by someone else…the ruler.

Unfortunately most people succumb to the dependency siren song.  It’s alluring because life is very hard, no matter who you happen to be. Even the richest, most accomplished individuals must persist through a never-ending stream of failures and setbacks in order fulfill their dreams. No one is exempt from life being a continuous struggle.

But the ruler and his dependency peddlers offer the people a fictional way out of the struggle. They offer a well-dressed illusion. They promise that the ruler will make things right for them. “It’s not your fault, you know. It’s XYZ’s fault,” and the ruler will make it all better for you. 

The ruler will make you happy, healthy, safe and prosperous.

All you have to do is obey. 

The ruler will tell you what the “science” is, and you are to obey. The ruler will tell you who your enemy is, and you are to obey. The ruler will regulate the climate and keep you free of viruses. 

Just obey.

The ruler will make you exactly like everyone else, and everyone else exactly like you.


None of it is true, of course. Not one single aspect of it.

But people are prone to making the mistake of looking to rulers for truth, no matter how much history teaches them to do otherwise. 

To rule is to rule over an empire of lies. The bigger the empire, the bigger the lies.

The truth, for the few that refuse to join the dependency religion is that: YOU are the white knight that you’ve been waiting for.

If your desire is to be happy, no one outside of you can make that happen. No one can think for you. If your desire is wealth, no one outside of you can make you more valuable to your employer. If it is health, no one else can be responsible for your choices.

The ruler and his peddlers will constantly blast in your face that “We need to do this….and We need to do that…”

There is no “We” … There is only YOU.

The ideas of Liberty are far superior to the ideas of dependence. You’re the captain of your individual ship, and others are the individual captains of their own ships. 

Why not Live and Let Live?

Why not keep our hands off other people and their stuff?

Why not voluntary interactions, respect for private property, and sound money?

It’s surely better than the religion of dependency and its continuous downward spiral.

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