By Chris Rossini


It’s the essence of being a human being.

Not only the ability to choose, the inescapable responsibility.

All-day, every day, we choose…and choose…and choose.

What we each choose is what we will each experience. What we sow is what we will reap.

Take a look at the choice between Liberty & Authoritarianism below. Choosing one side of the ledger will produce a completely different life and experience for you than choosing the other side.

When it comes to society as a whole, one of these two sides must always dominate the other.

At one time (and for a very long time) the ideas of Liberty dominated in America. We’ve benefited immensely from the results of those choices that were made by our ancestors in the past.

Today, we live and experience a time when the ideas of Authoritarianism dominate. These ideas have been embraced by our more recent ancestors, and many who live today.​

​We’re suffering from the results of those choices.


Here at the Ron Paul Liberty Report, we believe that the superior choice is Liberty.

​Liberty is only a choice away….that’s it.

But the power to choose rests entirely with you.

The choice really is yours alone.

Others will follow.

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