Some say he is spending his executive time watching TV. Some say he is tweeting.

There’s been a lot of speculation about the ways in which the President of the United States spends his unstructured, “executive time”. The whole thing would’ve remained a mystery if it weren’t for one of the White House staff members, who gained enough courage to share the shocking truth.

“A few days ago, I was summoned to the Oval Office”, he said. “I knocked at the door and went in. The President was bent over his desk, whispering “Boys, if anyone tries to climb over that wall, shoot them immediately”.”

“There were small objects on his desk, like a bunch of toys. A closer look revealed a platoon of little toy soldiers, guarding a tiny wall made from Lego blocks and paper clips. The wall was spanning the length of his desk.”

“And who are you?” he asked.

“You told me to come. I work here and my nam…"

“Never mind, faces in this place change so often, I’m unable to cope. And I’m not good at remembering names, either. There's something you need to do for me."

“Go to a toy shop and ask if they have miniature toy jets, armoured vehicles, helicopters, missiles, underground bunkers and a tiny Confederate flag. You can ask the Vice-President for money."

“I will also need small human figures with a darker complexion. They must look like Latin Americans.”

“And ask them if they have a miniature toy model of one of the torture chambers we used in Guantanamo."

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