Eight people, including six Asian women, were killed late Tuesday after a gunman opened fire inside three massage parlors in the Atlanta metro area. Authorities have yet to identify a motive, but the shootings, which happened within the span of one hour of each other, immediately sparked fears of a racially motivated hate crime. 

Following a police chase, a suspect, 21-year-old Aaron Long, a white man, was arrested about three hours away from where the first shooting occurred. Reports on Long’s social media presence show that he embraced guns and religion. The Daily Beast reported on one Instagram comment apparently written by Long that read, “Pizza, guns, drums, music, family, and God. This pretty much sums up my life. It’s a pretty good life.” The FBI is now assisting local investigations into the rampage.

Multiple Asian advocacy groups have condemned the killings, which come amid a surge of anti-Asian hate crimes during the pandemic. 

President Joe Biden, who denounced the recent wave of anti-Asian violence in his first primetime address last week, has been briefed on the shootings, the White House announced Wednesday morning.

This is a developing story. We’ll have more as updates come in.

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