Art critics have been astounded by the discovery of an amazing new talent in the world of painting, a woman who produces stunningly beautiful pictures without even bothering to look at what she is doing!

Caprice de la Vienetta, who is Italian, creates masterful images, portraits and landscapes without taking the slightest bit of notice of what is being transferred onto her canvas. She simply concentrates her gaze on the object in question, and allows her arm to follow instructions sent to it by her brain.

She said:

“I look at the object with my eyes, and it appears in my mind. I then transfer the thoughts through my shoulder, down my arm, past my elbow and wrist, into my hand, and, finally, to my fingers. They and the brush do the rest.”

Art fanatics have been almost-unanimous in their admiration of Miss de la Vienetta. One said:

“She’s a bloody corker, isn’t she? I would!”

Another chimed in:

“Well, you’ll forgive me for saying so, but ‘almost-unanimous’ is a bit of an odd phrase to use. It’s either unanimous or it’s not; I just feel that ‘almost-unanimous’ is a bit vague. You might as well say ‘ununanimous’, if you’ll pardon my pettifogging.”

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