You know you’ve achieved success when others start to emulate your work, and that’s exactly what happened on a satirical news website earlier today, when one contributor wrote a story with an extremely long headline, just as one of the site’s other writers does.

The story, ‘Writer Emulates Another Writer, And Writes Story With Extremely Long Headline That Almost Completely Fills The Yellow ‘Popular Funny Stories’ Box On Front Page Of The Site, But Which, When Placed Under Scrutiny, Has Little Or No Substance To It At All’, on, describes a story in which a writer emulates another writer by writing a story with an extremely long headline that almost completely fills the yellow ‘Popular Funny Stories’ box on the front page of the site, but which, when placed under scrutiny, has little or no substance to it at all.

The writer who wrote the story said:

“Yes, it’s true that headlines are beginning to get somewhat longer, and now contain almost as much information within them, as do the stories themselves. The fact that the stories themselves contain very little worth saying, other than what has already been said in the headline, means that, in truth, the story needn’t have been a story at all, and might just as well have been submitted as a snippet.”

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