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An In-Depth Look at Glock and M&P Conversion Kits: Gatman Reviews the Meta Tactical Apex Series

The Gatman Evaluates APEX CCK- A Smith & Wesson MP2 Transformation Set

Home » The Gatman’s Assessment of APEX CCK- A Smith & Wesson MP2 Transformation Set with a potential use of a Glock conversion kit.

Starting Point

The realm of firearm advancements is continuously astounding and in this ever-evolving field, a talented and witty gun aficionado known as The Gatman has come to the forefront. He boasts an impressive following of 34.2K subscribers and has posted 108 videos on his YouTube channel. He has recently reviewed the Meta Tactical Apex Series Carbine Conversion Kits, which are Glock conversion kits. These kits are designed to adapt handguns like the Glock 17, Glock 19, Smith & Wesson M&P, and even the P80 into extended-barrel bullpup-style firearms. They have gained the interest of the firearm community. In this piece, we’ll dissect The Gatman’s enlightening and engaging review, where we’ll explore the features, benefits, shooting experience, and overall views of the Meta Tactical Apex series.


"When I shared a photo of a glock conversion kit on my Instagram, I received numerous questions about a specific problem – why does the barrel seem to elevate while shooting? It’s almost as if it’s performing a small jig. You understand what I’m referring to, don’t you? It’s similar to the response you give when your partner requests something, and you’re not entirely certain what they’re asking for."

An Exceptional Modification

The Gatman greets his viewers with a lighthearted opener—"Hello, my fantastic larpers and larpets!"—and plunges them into the intriguing universe of the Meta Tactical Apex series carbine conversion kits. In the heart of the review, he explains the function and potential of these chassis systems. These kits provide a clever way to convert Glock 17, M&P, and p80 pistols into bullpup-style weapons with a 16-inch barrel, making the ordinary extraordinary. The Gatman reveals his relationship with Meta Tactical, stating that they have kindly supplied him with the glock conversion kits for his evaluation, a move that emphasizes their faith in their product.

"The glock conversion kit allows for the addition of a 16-inch barrel, effectively converting your 4.5-inch barrel handgun into a full-length rifle. The conversion process is simple, it requires sliding your handgun into the designated slot, adjusting a pin, and closing a door. That’s all there is to it! Once your handgun is securely housed within this conversion kit or chassis, it takes on the form of a Bullpup-style firearm. The magazine is now positioned behind the trigger, essentially forming a completely new setup. A charging handle is located at the top. Let’s delve into the particulars, beginning from the front and making our way to the back."

Mastering the Art of Change

The Gatman provides a deep dive into the specifics of the conversion process, presenting it in an engaging manner. He amusingly compares the barrel’s upward movement during shooting to a fun dance, highlighting the unique features of these glock conversion kits. He guides the audience through the process of integrating a Smith & Wesson M&P into the chassis system, underlining the unusual sight of a carry gun equipped with a 16-inch barrel. The Gatman further clarifies that the bullpup-style layout shifts the magazine to the back of the trigger, offering a completely new look and handling sensation.

"Meta Tactical provides a variety of supplementary accessories. For example, they have a grip specifically crafted for the Glock 17 model, which I have not yet fitted to this particular one. I’m not entirely sure why, but I did affix it to this Glock 17 over here. "

Embarking on a Detailed Adventure with a Glock Conversion Kit

As the evaluation continues, The Gatman thoroughly scrutinizes each feature of the Meta Tactical Apex series glock conversion kit. Starting from the front, he zeroes in on the fascinating muzzle device that looks like a birdcage flash hider, talking about its possible use in defense and its threading suitable for suppressor addition. He underscores the compatibility of the aluminum rail section with different attachments, like full grips, offering users flexibility in personalizing their kit. The Gatman then explores the inventive grip and magazine holder tailored for the Glock 17 version, demonstrating its reliable functionality.

This arrangement is unexpectedly efficient, and I didn’t encounter any issues utilizing it, even though I had some initial doubts. It’s significant to point out that this feature is incorporated on both sides of the frame, making it suitable for those who are left-handed as well. This glock conversion kit is truly user-friendly.

In addition to its visual appeal, The Gatman meticulously examines the mechanical parts. He shows how the aluminum charging handle, an integral component of the glock conversion kit, works by cycling the slide and loading rounds, offering a visual explanation of its workings. The plastic trigger, crossbar safety feature, and the AR-15 style grip are all given due consideration. The Gatman imparts his knowledge on their practicality, comfort of use, and influence on the user’s experience.

It’s important to mention that even if you had to refill the magazine while the stock is completely folded, you’d just need to operate the slide from its front part. This could take a bit more time, but it’s not a huge problem. As for the charging handle, it’s definitely a practical choice. The stock seems incredibly sturdy due to the glock conversion kit, and I value its steadiness when rested against my shoulder. Usually, I prefer to maintain it in the third or fourth slot for the best comfort.

The Glock Conversion Kit

Shifting focus to the actual firing process, The Gatman discusses the importance of recoil control in any gun. He comments on the easy to handle recoil of the 9mm caliber, suggesting that this is due to the design of the Glock conversion kit. Despite mentioning a few issues, he doesn’t rush to blame them on the gun itself, instead implying that the user’s handling may be a factor. The Gatman’s method, based on personal experience, demonstrates his commitment to providing a thorough review of the kit’s effectiveness.

"Remarkably, the firearm maintains its robustness even after heavy usage. Despite the largely polymer build, there weren’t any indications of parts separating or bolts getting loose. The polymer aspects have shown resilience, even under harsh circumstances. When looking into enhancing your firearm, consider a Glock conversion kit."

Easy-to-Use Guide for Glock Conversion Kit

The Gatman’s emphasis on usability can be seen in the guide to operations, where he meticulously explains how to reload, use the slide release, and eject the magazine with a Glock conversion kit. He skillfully maneuvers through the complex details of these tasks, even pointing out a design defect when the stock is completely condensed, which hampers the slide lock’s accessibility. His ingenious method provides a solution, underscoring the flexibility of the conversion kit’s functionality.

"Initiating the magazine release is as simple as applying pressure to a tactile component. Despite my initial reservations, I found this system to be unexpectedly efficient. It’s important to point out that this feature is conveniently located on both sides of the frame, making it equally accessible for left-handed individuals. This design feature enhances the usability of the Glock conversion kit."

Investigating Potential Opportunities with Glock

As the critique concludes, The Gatman shares his thoughts on what lies ahead. He looks forward to testing the accuracy of the Glock conversion kit at longer ranges and its compatibility with suppressors. His excitement about the kit’s possibilities and his dedication to understanding its features strike a chord with his audience who also have a deep interest in firearm technology.

"When it comes to the firing experience, the kickback is controllable due to the 9mm caliber. However, I aim to perform more extensive testing, which includes precision tests at longer ranges. This will offer a thorough insight into the performance differences between the 16-inch barrel and the original shorter barrels. I’m also keen to examine how well it pairs with a suppressor and identify any possible glitches. This could be especially useful when using a glock conversion kit."


As we conclude this review, The Gatman would like to express his appreciation to his loyal audience for their constant support during this enlightening exploration. Thanks to his captivating narrative style and detailed examination of the Meta Tactical Apex series Glock conversion kits, The Gatman has delivered an extensive and enjoyable critique that highlights both the originality of the product and his own commitment to the gun enthusiasts community. As we look forward to more videos from The Gatman, we are reminded of the constantly changing world of firearm technology that continues to fascinate and motivate enthusiasts worldwide.

In summary, the Meta Tactical Apex series carbine conversion kits deliver a distinct and entertaining experience. If you own a Glock 17, M&P, or p80 handgun that’s not in use, these kits present a chance for transformation and amusement. The elongated barrel and bullpup-style setup can be genuinely enjoyable. As I carry on with testing these Glock conversion kits, I’m excited to delve into aspects like accuracy, dependability, and more features.

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