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Revolutionizing Firearm Transformations: A Review of the Meta Tactical Apex Series Glock Conversion Kits by The Gatman

The Gatman Evaluates APEX CCK- A Glock Conversion Kit for Smith & Wesson MP2

Homepage » The Gatman Investigates APEX CCK- A Glock Conversion Kit for Smith & Wesson MP2

Introductory Overview

Firearm innovations never stop surprising us, and amid this ongoing evolution, The Gatman, a witty and skilled gun enthusiast with a loyal base of 34.2K subscribers and 108 videos on his YouTube channel, steps in to critique the Meta Tactical Apex Series Carbine Conversion Kits. These kits, crafted to morph handguns such as the Glock 17, Glock 19, Smith & Wesson M&P, and even the p80 into extended-barrel bullpup-style weapons, have seized the interest of the gun community. In this piece, we’ll dive into The Gatman’s enlightening and captivating review, examining the qualities, advantages, shooting experience, and overall verdict of the Meta Tactical Apex series, with a special focus on the Glock conversion kit.


"After sharing a photo of a glock conversion kit on my Instagram, I received numerous questions concerning a peculiar observation – why does the barrel appear to elevate during firing? It’s akin to a tiny jig it performs. You understand the sort of behavior I’m referring to, don’t you? It’s comparable to the reaction you give when your partner requests something and you’re somewhat uncertain about their exact intention."

An Exclusive Modification

In a captivating opening that goes, "What’s happening, my gorgeous larpers and larpets?" The Gatman welcomes viewers to the enigmatic realm of the Meta Tactical Apex series carbine conversion kits. He plunges into the heart of the review, explaining the function and potential of these chassis systems. These kits provide a clever solution to modify Glock 17, M&P, and p80 handguns into bullpup-style firearms with a 16-inch barrel, elevating the common to the remarkable. The Gatman reveals his affiliation with Meta Tactical, stating that they kindly supplied him with the kits for review, a move that emphasizes their faith in their product. The Glock conversion kit is an impressive instrument that transforms an ordinary handgun into something unique.

"The Glock conversion kit is designed to extend your handgun’s barrel from 4.5 inches to a full 16 inches, effectively turning it into a full-sized rifle. The conversion process is straightforward – you simply slide your handgun into the designated slot, adjust a certain pin, and then close a specific door. That’s all there is to it! Once your handgun is securely fitted into the conversion kit, it essentially becomes a Bullpup-style weapon. The magazine has been repositioned to sit behind the trigger, making it a new and unique configuration. Also, it comes with an upper charging handle. Let’s walk through the specifics, beginning from the front and working our way back."

Mastering the Process of Change

The Gatman gives an in-depth explanation of the modification process, using a captivating storytelling style. He humorously likens the barrel’s movement during shooting to a lively dance, setting the stage for the distinct characteristics of these Glock conversion kits. He guides audiences through the process of adapting a Smith & Wesson M&P to fit into the framework, stressing the distinctive look of a carry gun equipped with a 16-inch barrel. The bullpup-style design, he points out, repositions the magazine to the back of the trigger, introducing a fresh look and feel.

Meta Tactical provides an array of extra accessories. For example, they have this grip specially made for the Glock 17 model. I have not yet put it on this particular firearm. Although I can’t pinpoint the reason, I did install it on this specific Glock 17. The use of a Glock conversion kit could greatly enhance its functionality.

Embarking on a Detailed Exploration of the Glock Conversion Kit

Throughout the evaluation, The Gatman thoroughly inspects every facet of the Meta Tactical Apex series glock conversion kit. Beginning at the front, he zeroes in on the fascinating muzzle device that resembles a birdcage flash hider, conversing about its possible use in defense and its suppressor attachment threading. He underscores the compatibility of the aluminum rail section with diverse attachments, such as full grips, offering users a range of customization options. The Gatman further explores the creative grip and magazine holder specifically designed for the Glock 17 version, demonstrating its reliable functionality.

"This system is impressively efficient, and I encountered no difficulties utilizing it, even with my original apprehensions. It’s important to highlight that this Glock conversion kit is designed on both sides of the frame, accommodating users who are left-handed too."

Aside from its visual appeal, The Gatman thoroughly examines the mechanical elements of the Glock conversion kit. He illustrates the role of the aluminium charging handle in loading the slide and rounds, providing a clear visual explanation of its function. The kit’s plastic trigger, safety crossbar, and AR-15 style grip are also given due consideration, as The Gatman offers an understanding of their purpose, comfort, and effect on the user’s experience.

It’s important to mention that even if you were to refill with the stock in its collapsed state, you’d just need to pull the slide from the front. This process might require a bit more time, but it’s not an overwhelming challenge. The use of the charging handle is a practical alternative. The stock gives off an impressive sense of security, and I value its firmness when rested against my shoulder. For the best comfort, I usually adjust it to the third or fourth position. This could be especially beneficial when using a glock conversion kit.

The Glock Conversion Kit

Shifting focus to the actual shooting experience, The Gatman discusses the importance of recoil control in any firearm. He credits the manageable recoil of the 9mm caliber to the design of the glock conversion kit. Rather than quickly blaming any malfunctions on the firearm itself, he suggests that user technique could be a contributing factor. The Gatman’s method, rooted in personal experience, demonstrates his commitment to providing a thorough review of the glock conversion kit’s effectiveness.

"Importantly, the firearm maintains its robustness even after prolonged usage. In spite of the mainly plastic build, there weren’t any indications of parts separating or bolts becoming loose. The plastic components have shown to be hard-wearing, even when exposed to harsh circumstances. Consider adding a glock conversion kit to increase the lifespan and performance of your firearm."

Easy-to-Use Guide for Glock Conversion Kit

The Gatman’s emphasis on ease-of-use is evident in the guide he provides on the various operations, including reloading, releasing the slide, and magazine ejection. He skillfully guides users through the complexities of these tasks, even discussing a design defect that occurs when the stock is completely folded, which impacts the accessibility of the slide lock. His innovative solution displays the versatility of the glock conversion kit’s functionality.

By applying force to a patterned component, the glock conversion kit’s magazine release is triggered. This design is unexpectedly efficient, and I encountered no difficulties using it, even though I was skeptical at first. It’s important to mention that this feature is present on both sides of the frame, accommodating left-handed users too.

Investigating Potential Opportunities with Glock

As the evaluation wraps up, The Gatman contemplates what’s to come. He’s eager to test the Glock conversion kit’s precision at longer ranges and its adaptability with suppressors. His enthusiasm for the kit’s promise and his dedication to discovering its functionalities connect with those who have a similar interest in gun technology.

"When it comes to the shooting experience, the kickback is easy to handle due to the 9mm caliber. Nonetheless, I intend to perform more extensive tests, such as accuracy assessments at increased ranges. This will offer a thorough insight into the performance differences between the 16-inch barrel and the original, more compact barrels. I’m also keen to gauge its suitability for use with a suppressor and identify any possible issues that may occur when using a glock conversion kit."


Concluding the analysis, The Gatman expresses his thanks to his loyal audience for their unwavering backing throughout this enlightening adventure. Through his captivating narration and meticulous scrutiny of the Meta Tactical Apex series, which includes the Glock conversion kit, The Gatman has delivered an extensive and engaging critique that highlights both the product’s advancement and his commitment to the gun enthusiast community. As we eagerly await more content from The Gatman, we’re reminded of the constantly changing world of firearm technology that continues to fascinate and motivate enthusiasts worldwide.

To sum it up, the Meta Tactical Apex series carbine Glock conversion kits bring a distinct and pleasurable experience. If you own a Glock 17, M&P, or p80 pistol that’s been sitting idle, these Glock conversion kits offer a chance for transformation and amusement. The elongated barrel and bullpup-style setup can be truly entertaining. As I persist in examining these Glock conversion kits, I’m eager to delve into their precision, dependability, and other features.

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