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LIBERTY 1 month ago

War Comes Closer: Senate OK’s $40 Billion To Ukraine; NATO Pledges ‘Open Ended’ Support

With Over $1 Billion Spent, Domestic Dark Money Dwarfs All Foreign Influence on 2020 Election

Culture 2 years ago

Jail Inmates Worked for a $16 Billion Company Without Pay. Now They Want Their Wages.

WORLD 3 years ago

Boris Johnson creates 10,000 prison places in £1.5 billion crime crackdown plan

SCIENCE & TECH 3 years ago

Plate tectonics began nearly 2 billion years before we thought

LIBERTY 3 years ago

Feds Seize JP Morgan’s ‘Asset Management’ Ship With Over $1 Billion of Cocaine on it

US News 3 years ago

Senate Committee Votes to Raise Defense Spending for Second Year in a Row to $750 Billion

WORLD 3 years ago

The big Brexit exodus? UK firms set to shift £800 billion in assets to EU countries

LIBERTY 4 years ago

Study: Trump’s Tariffs Are a $42 Billion Regressive Tax Increase

WORLD 4 years ago

Wreck of Russian warship Dmitrii Donskoi, sunk in 1905, found; may contain 5,500 boxes of gold bars and coins worth $133 billion

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