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Transform Your Firearm: A Comprehensive Review of the Glock Conversion Kit, Meta Tactical Apex Series

A Comprehensive Analysis of APEX CCK by Gatman – A Glock Conversion Kit for Smith & Wesson MP2

Welcome to the detailed review of APEX CCK by Gatman – A Glock Conversion Kit designed specifically for Smith & Wesson MP2.

Starting Information

The world of firearm advancements is incredibly dynamic, and within this ever-changing landscape, The Gatman, a witty and skillful gun enthusiast with a loyal fanbase of 34.2K subscribers and 108 videos on his YouTube channel, has stepped up to critique the Meta Tactical Apex Series Carbine Conversion Kits. These kits, engineered to convert handguns such as the Glock 17, Glock 19, Smith & Wesson M&P, and even the p80 into elongated-barrel bullpup-style weapons, have seized the interest of the gun community. In this piece, we’re going to dissect The Gatman’s insightful and engaging review, investigating the characteristics, advantages, shooting experience, and overall thoughts on the Meta Tactical Apex series, using a glock conversion kit as a prime example.


"When I shared a photo of a glock conversion kit on my Instagram, I got quite a few questions about a specific problem – why does the barrel appear to raise up during shooting? It’s as if it’s performing a small jig. You understand what I’m trying to convey, don’t you? It’s similar to that motion you make when your partner asks you to do something, and you’re not completely certain about their request."

An Exclusive Conversion

Starting off with an engaging greeting, "What’s happening, my lovely larpers and larpets?" The Gatman welcomes viewers into the enigmatic realm of the Meta Tactical Apex series carbine conversion kits. As he plunges into the heart of the review, he explains the purpose and potential of these chassis systems. These kits present a clever solution to transform Glock 17, M&P, and p80 handguns into bullpup-style firearms with a 16-inch barrel, elevating the mundane to the miraculous. The Gatman reveals his relationship with Meta Tactical, revealing that they generously supplied him with the Glock conversion kits for review, a move that highlights their faith in their product.

"The glock conversion kit provides a 16-inch barrel, converting your original 4.5-inch barrel handgun into a full-blown rifle. The process is simple, just slide your handgun into the designated slot, adjust the pin, and shut the door. That’s all there is to it! Once it’s secured within this framework or conversion kit, it evolves into a Bullpup-style weapon. The magazine is then strategically positioned behind the trigger. Hence, it’s practically a brand new setup. There’s a charging handle situated at the top. Let’s delve into the specifics, commencing from the front and progressively moving towards the back."

Mastering the Craft of Change

The Gatman dives deep into the intricacies of the conversion process, describing it in an engaging and entertaining way. He humorously compares the barrel’s rise during firing to a jovial dance, setting the stage for the unique features of these Glock conversion kits. He guides the audience through the process of adapting a Smith & Wesson M&P to fit into the chassis system, highlighting the unusual look of a carry gun with a 16-inch barrel. He further explains that the bullpup-style setup moves the magazine to a position behind the trigger, introducing a completely new visual and handling experience.

"Meta Tactical provides an array of supplementary add-ons. For example, they have a grip specifically designed for the Glock 17 model. I haven’t yet utilized this Glock conversion kit on this specific firearm. The reason is somewhat elusive, but I did incorporate it into this Glock 17 here."

Embarking on a Detailed Exploration using a Glock Conversion Kit

Throughout the evaluation, The Gatman carefully scrutinizes all features of the Meta Tactical Apex series glock conversion kit. He starts from the front, paying close attention to the interesting birdcage flash hider-like muzzle device, talking about its possible use in defense and suppressor attachment threading. He emphasizes the aluminum rail part’s adaptability to several attachments, like full grips, offering users a wide range of customization options. The Gatman explores the original grip and magazine holder made specifically for the Glock 17 model, demonstrating its reliable functionality.

"I found this system impressively efficient and didn’t encounter any issues utilizing it, even though I had some initial doubts. It’s worth mentioning that this Glock conversion kit design is located on both sides of the frame, accommodating those who are left-handed as well."

Aside from the visual appeal, The Gatman meticulously studies the mechanical aspects. He shows the function of the aluminum charging handle in the glock conversion kit, which helps in moving the slide and loading rounds, providing a clear image of its working principle. He also spends ample time discussing the plastic trigger, crossbar safety feature, and the grip similar to that of an AR-15. The Gatman offers valuable knowledge about these components, their comfort and ease of use, and their effect on the end user’s experience.

It’s essential to point out that even if you decide to reload while the stock is fully collapsed, you’d just need to operate the slide from the front. This may consume a bit more time, but it’s not an overwhelming problem. As for using the charging handle, it’s a feasible choice. The stock gives a strong sense of security, and I value its steadiness on my shoulder. I usually adjust it to the third or fourth position for the best comfort. It’s a similar experience you might have when using a Glock conversion kit.

The Glock Conversion Kit

Shifting focus to the actual firing experience, The Gatman highlights the importance of recoil control in any firearm. He points out the easy-to-handle recoil of the 9mm caliber, crediting its manageability to the glock conversion kit’s design. Despite a few hiccups, he wisely doesn’t rush to blame the firearm, suggesting that user handling might be a factor. The Gatman’s practical, experience-based perspective underscores his commitment to providing a well-rounded review of the glock conversion kit’s performance.

Remarkably, the firearm maintains its stability even after prolonged use. Even though it’s primarily made of plastic, there’s no evidence of parts separating or screws becoming loose. The Glock conversion kit’s plastic components have demonstrated impressive resilience, even under harsh circumstances.

Easy-to-Use Guide for Glock Conversion Kit

The Gatman places great emphasis on user convenience, clearly explaining the steps involved in reloading, using the slide release, and ejecting the magazine. He expertly guides users through these complex procedures, even pointing out a design issue that occurs when the stock is completely folded, which impedes the slide lock’s accessibility. His inventive solution showcases the operational flexibility of the Glock conversion kit.

"Activating the magazine release is as simple as pressing a textured component. Despite my initial reservations, I found this arrangement to be incredibly efficient and had no issues using it. It’s important to highlight that this mechanism is replicated on both sides of the frame, making it accessible to left-handed users. This is a superb feature of the glock conversion kit."

Investigating Potential Opportunities with Glock

As the evaluation wraps up, The Gatman shares his thoughts about what’s to come. He’s looking forward to testing the accuracy of the glock conversion kit over long ranges and verifying its compatibility with suppressors. His hopefulness for the kit’s possibilities and his dedication to understanding its features deeply connect with those who also have a deep interest in gun technology.

When it comes to the experience of firing the gun, the kickback is easily controlled due to the 9mm caliber. However, I intend to carry out additional tests, such as checking for precision at longer ranges. This will offer a thorough insight into the differences in performance between the 16-inch barrel and the shorter, original ones. I’m also excited to check how well it works with a suppressor and examine any possible issues using the glock conversion kit.


In summing up the assessment, The Gatman wishes to thank his loyal audience for their unwavering encouragement during this informative journey. His captivating narration and detailed examination of the Meta Tactical Apex series of Glock conversion kits have resulted in an extensive and entertaining review, highlighting both the groundbreaking nature of the product and his own commitment to the gun community. As we look forward to more videos from The Gatman, we’re reminded of the ever-changing world of firearm technology that continues to fascinate and motivate enthusiasts globally.

Finally, the Meta Tactical Apex series carbine conversion kits bring something different and entertaining to the table. If you have a Glock 17, M&P, or p80 handgun that hasn’t seen the light of day in a while, these kits offer a chance for reinvention and pleasure. The elongated barrel and bullpup-style setup can be truly enjoyable. As I keep experimenting with these Glock conversion kits, I anticipate delving into their precision, dependability, and extra features.

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