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Unlocking the Potential of Your Handgun: A Comprehensive Review of the Meta Tactical Apex Series Glock Conversion Kit

Examining the APEX CCK – An Analysis by The Gatman: A Smith & Wesson MP2 Glock Conversion Kit

In the confines of your home, delve into The Gatman’s exploration of the APEX CCK – a Glock conversion kit for the Smith & W


Firearm advancements continue to astound, and within this ever-changing sphere, The Gatman, an engaging and witty gun enthusiast with a loyal base of 34.2K subscribers and 108 videos on his YouTube channel, steps into the spotlight to assess the Meta Tactical Apex Series Carbine Conversion Kits. These kits are specially designed to convert handguns such as the Glock 17, Glock 19, Smith & Wesson M&P, and even the p80 into long-barreled bullpup-style guns, making waves in the firearms world. In this piece, we’ll dig into the informative and amusing review furnished by The Gatman, examining the characteristics, advantages, firing experience, and overall thoughts on the Meta Tactical Apex series, often referred to as a Glock conversion kit.


"When I uploaded a photo of a glock conversion kit on my Instagram, I was bombarded with questions about a specific problem – why does the barrel appear to rise when shooting? It’s as if it’s performing a tiny jig. You understand what I’m referring to, correct? It’s similar to the movement you make when your partner requests something and you’re not quite certain of their intention."

An Exclusive Conversion

In a charming and engaging introduction—"Hello to all my splendid larpers and larpets!"—The Gatman invites his audience into the enigmatic domain of the Meta Tactical Apex series carbine conversion kits. Delving into the heart of his analysis, he explains the function and possibilities of these rifle frameworks. These glock conversion kits are an innovative method to modify Glock 17, M&P, and p80 pistols into bullpup-style weapons with a 16-inch barrel, thus transforming the common into the remarkable. The Gatman reveals his association with Meta Tactical, stating that they kindly supplied him with the kits for evaluation, a move that highlights their faith in their merchandise.

"The Glock conversion kit equips you with a 16-inch barrel, effectively turning your 4.5-inch barrel handgun into a full-fledged rifle. The conversion process is as simple as sliding your handgun into the designated slot, adjusting a certain pin, and closing a specific door. And voila, it’s done! Inside this framework or Glock conversion kit, your weapon takes on a Bullpup-style design. The magazine is now positioned behind the trigger, resulting in a completely new setup. There’s even a charging handle on top. Let’s dissect the specifics, starting from the front and making our way to the back."

The Craft of Alteration

The Gatman provides an entertaining deep dive into the intricacies of using a Glock conversion kit. He humorously likens the movement of the barrel during firing to a lively dance, setting the stage for the unconventional nature of these kits. He guides viewers through the process of adapting a Smith & Wesson M&P to fit into the chassis system, highlighting the unusual look of a carry gun equipped with a 16-inch barrel. The Gatman goes on to explain that the bullpup-style configuration moves the magazine behind the trigger. This not only changes the visual appeal but also significantly alters the handling experience.

"Meta Tactical provides an array of supplementary add-ons. For example, they have this handle specifically tailored for the Glock 17 model, which I haven’t fixed onto this particular one yet. I can’t pinpoint the exact reason, but I did succeed in affixing it to this Glock 17 right here."

Embarking on a Gradual Adventure with Glock Conversion Kit

Throughout the critique, The Gatman gives a thorough inspection of each feature in the Meta Tactical Apex series glock conversion kit. The analysis begins at the front with the unique muzzle device that looks similar to a birdcage flash hider. The Gatman discusses its possible defensive uses and its threading designed for attaching a suppressor. Notably, he emphasizes the compatibility of the aluminum rail section with different attachments, such as full grips, offering users a broad range of customization options. Further, The Gatman explores the innovative grip and magazine holder specifically created for the Glock 17 model, highlighting its reliable functionality.

The effectiveness of this arrangement was unexpectedly impressive, and I experienced no difficulties operating it, even with my initial apprehensions. It’s important to point out that this glock conversion kit is designed on both sides of the frame, accommodating users who are left-handed as well.

The Gatman goes above and beyond the visual appeal, meticulously examining the mechanical elements. He illustrates the function of the aluminum charging handle in the Glock conversion kit, showing how it cycles the slide and loads rounds, giving a clear view of its operation. The polymer trigger, crossbar safety device, and AR-15 style grip all receive a thorough review, as The Gatman offers a deep understanding of their use, comfort, and effect on the user’s experience.

"It’s important to mention that even when reloading with the stock fully collapsed, one would just need to operate the slide from the front using a glock conversion kit. This might extend the time slightly, but it’s not an overwhelming obstacle. As for utilizing the charging handle, it’s a feasible choice. The stock’s security is impressive, and I value its steadiness against my shoulder. I usually adjust it to the third or fourth position for maximum comfort."

The Glock Conversion Kit

Shifting focus to the actual firing process, The Gatman emphasizes the importance of managing recoil, a critical factor in any firearm. He comments on the easy-to-handle recoil of the 9mm caliber, crediting this to the glock conversion kit’s design. Rather than quickly blaming any malfunctions on the firearm itself, he suggests that the user’s handling might be a factor. The Gatman’s practical, experience-based method highlights his commitment to providing an all-encompassing view of the glock conversion kit’s functioning.

Remarkably, the firearm maintains its sturdiness even after prolonged usage. Despite being primarily made of plastic, there were no indications of parts separating or fasteners becoming loose. The plastic components of the glock conversion kit have demonstrated their durability, even under harsh circumstances.

Easy-to-Use Guide for Glock Conversion Kit

The Gatman emphasizes ease of use, even in the instructional guide where he outlines the steps for reloading, releasing the slide, and ejecting the magazine. He skillfully guides users through these complex operations, even pointing out a design issue when the stock is completely folded in, which can hinder the accessibility of the slide lock. His inventive solution underscores the versatility of the Glock conversion kit’s function.

When you press on a distinctive portion, the glock conversion kit’s magazine release is triggered. The system works remarkably well, and I found it easy to use, even though I had my initial doubts. It’s important to point out that this feature is available on both sides of the framework, making it equally suitable for left-handed individuals.

Investigating Potential Opportunities with Glock

As the evaluation concludes, The Gatman contemplates what lies ahead. He eagerly looks forward to testing the accuracy of the glock conversion kit at longer ranges and its compatibility with suppressors. His positive outlook on the potential of the kit and dedication to understanding its features deeply connect with viewers who are equally fascinated by gun technology.

"When it comes to the actual shooting experience, the kickback is easy to handle due to the 9mm caliber. That said, I intend to carry out additional testing. This includes accuracy tests at extended ranges, which should offer a thorough insight into how the performance changes between the 16-inch barrel and the original smaller barrels. I’m also keen to check how well it works with a suppressor and to look at possible issues that could arise. I’m particularly interested in exploring the use of a glock conversion kit in these tests."


As the review comes to a close, The Gatman is filled with appreciation for his loyal viewers’ constant backing during this enlightening experience. By presenting an engaging narrative and an exhaustive investigation of the Meta Tactical Apex series glock conversion kits, The Gatman has given his audience a detailed and entertaining critique. This not only highlights the innovation of the product but also his commitment to the firearms community. As we look forward to more videos from The Gatman, we’re acutely aware of the constantly changing world of firearm technology that continues to fascinate and motivate enthusiasts globally.

To sum it up, the Meta Tactical Apex series carbine conversion kits bring an exclusive and engaging experience. If you own a Glock 17, M&P, or p80 pistol that’s been sitting around, these kits give you a chance for recreation and modification. The elongated barrel and bullpup-style setup can indeed be quite entertaining. As I carry on with evaluating these kits, I am eager to delve into their precision, dependability, and extra features. And let’s not forget the exciting possibilities that a Glock conversion kit can bring.

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The Glock Conversion Kit includes a Micro Red Dot Sight along with an Absolute Co-Witness Riser

The kit also features the META Tactical 18350 Flashlight set

In this kit, you’ll find a 16-inch barrel suitable for a Glock 34 (Gen 5)

It also includes a 16-inch barrel perfect for a Glock 23 (Gen 5)

The Apex Carbine Glock Conversion Kit is designed for Glock 23 models from generations 3-4


Our threaded barrel option comes with a muzzle accessory and a thread safeguard.

The Apex Carbine Upgrade Set for MP2 models [4.25" & 4.6"] (9mm) is a Glock conversion kit that you might consider. This particular kit comes with a threaded barrel option, including a muzzle attachment and a thread safeguard.

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