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Exploring the Glock Conversion Kit: A Comprehensive Review of the Meta Tactical Apex Series by The Gatman

The Gatman Critiques the APEX CCK- A Conversion Kit for Smith & Wesson MP2

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Beginning Thoughts

The firearms industry is always full of surprises with continuous advancements. One such individual making waves in this area is The Gatman, a funny and skilled gun lover who boasts a loyal fan base of 34.2K subscribers and has shared 108 videos on his YouTube channel. He recently reviewed the Meta Tactical Apex Series Carbine Conversion Kits. These kits are engineered to convert handguns like the Glock 17, Glock 19, Smith & Wesson M&P, and even the p80, into extended-barrel bullpup-style firearms, sparking interest within the gun community. In this piece, we’ll dive deep into The Gatman’s detailed and engaging review, shedding light on the features, advantages, shooting experience, and overall impressions of the Meta Tactical Apex series using a Glock conversion kit.


"After uploading an image of a glock conversion kit on my Instagram, I received a few questions about a specific problem—why does the barrel appear to elevate during shooting? It seems to perform a small jig, if you will. You understand the sort of action I’m referring to, don’t you? It’s akin to the movement you make when your partner asks you to do something, and you’re somewhat unclear about their instructions."

An Exclusive Conversion

Opening with an engaging greeting – "How’s it going, my lovely larpers and larpets?" – The Gatman welcomes viewers to the intriguing world of the Meta Tactical Apex series glock conversion kits. As he delves deeper into the review, he explains the purpose and potential of these innovative systems. These conversion kits provide a clever way to morph Glock 17, M&P, and p80 handguns into bullpup-style firearms with a 16-inch barrel, elevating the ordinary to the exceptional. The Gatman discloses his relationship with Meta Tactical, revealing that they kindly supplied him with the glock conversion kits for review, a move that demonstrates their faith in their product.

"The Glock conversion kit offers a 16-inch barrel, turning your original 4.5-inch barrel handgun into a full-size rifle. The transition involves placing your handgun into a specific slot, adjusting a particular pin, and shutting a certain door. That’s all there is to it! Once your handgun is securely fitted within the conversion kit, it becomes a Bullpup-style weapon. The magazine is now situated behind the trigger, creating an entirely new layout. It also introduces a charging handle at the top. Let’s dive into the specifics, beginning from the front and moving towards the back."

The Mastery of Change


The Gatman dives deep into the specifics of the modification process using a captivating storytelling approach. He amusingly compares the barrel’s upward movement during shooting to a lively dance, establishing the distinctiveness of these glock conversion kits. He guides the audience through the process of integrating a Smith & Wesson M&P into the chassis structure, highlighting the unusual look of a concealed carry weapon equipped with a 16-inch barrel. The Gatman goes on to explain the bullpup-style setup, which repositions the magazine to the rear of the trigger, introducing a fresh visual and operational experience.

"Meta Tactical provides an array of supplementary accessories. For example, they have a grip specifically created for the Glock 17 model, which I haven’t yet utilized on this particular one. I’m unsure of the exact reason, but I did install it on this other Glock 17. This could be seen as a sort of glock conversion kit."

Embarking on a Detailed Journey with a Glock Conversion Kit

The Gatman conducts a thorough review of the Meta Tactical Apex series glock conversion kit. He begins at the front, examining the unique muzzle device that looks like a birdcage flash hider and discusses how this could be used for defense as well as its threading for suppressor attachment. He places emphasis on the adaptability of the aluminum rail section which is compatible with a range of attachments, such as full grips, giving users a wide array of customization options. The Gatman also explores the cutting-edge grip and magazine holder that’s been specially designed for the Glock 17 version, demonstrating its reliable operation.

The setup of the Glock conversion kit is impressively efficient, and I encountered no issues while using it, even though I was skeptical at first. It’s important to point out that the design of this kit is ambidextrous, accommodating users who are left-handed as well.

Aside from the visual appeal, The Gatman closely examines the mechanical elements. He explains the function of the aluminum charging handle in the Glock conversion kit, emphasizing its significance in operating the slide and loading rounds with a clear visual demonstration. He also pays equal attention to the plastic trigger, crossbar safety device, and the AR-15 style grip. The Gatman offers valuable information on their use, design, and influence on the user’s experience.

It’s important to mention that even when reloading while the stock is fully folded, you would just have to pull the slide from the front. This could take slightly more time, but it’s not a major problem. The charging handle is a practical choice when using a Glock conversion kit. The stock is impressively sturdy, and I value how it comfortably rests against my shoulder. I usually adjust it to the third or fourth level for maximum comfort.

The Glock Conversion Kit

The Gatman, in his journey to enhance the shooting experience, focuses on recoil management, a crucial part of gun handling. He praises the controllable recoil of the 9mm caliber and credits this to the design of the glock conversion kit. Even though he encounters a few hitches, he doesn’t quickly pin them on the firearm itself, suggesting that the user’s technique could be influential. The Gatman’s hands-on methodology underlines his commitment to providing an all-encompassing view on the performance of the conversion kit for glocks.

"Significantly, the firearm stays sturdy even after prolonged usage. Regardless of the primarily plastic build, there was no evidence of parts separating or bolts getting loose. The plastic pieces demonstrated their resilience, even when exposed to harsh environments, much like a glock conversion kit."

Easy-to-Use Guide for Glock Conversion Kit

The Gatman’s emphasis on easy usage is apparent even in the instruction guide, where he outlines how to reload, use the slide release, and eject the magazine. He expertly navigates the complexity of these procedures, even pointing out a design issue that arises when the stock is entirely folded, which impacts the accessibility of the slide lock. His inventive technique presents a solution, showcasing the versatility of the glock conversion kit’s functionality.

"By applying pressure to a patterned component, the magazine release is triggered. This arrangement, which could also be part of a glock conversion kit, is unexpectedly efficient, and I encountered no issues whilst using it, even with my initial reservations. Importantly, this feature is present on both sides of the structure, making it accommodating for left-handed individuals."

Investigating Potential Opportunities with Glock

As the evaluation wraps up, The Gatman ponders what lies ahead. He eagerly looks forward to testing the accuracy of the Glock conversion kit at longer ranges and its compatibility with silencers. His enthusiasm for the potential of the kit and his dedication to delving into its features strike a chord with audience members who also have a keen interest in gun technology.

"When it comes to the actual firing experience, the kickback is quite controllable, largely due to the use of 9mm caliber. Nonetheless, I intend to carry out more extensive evaluations, which will involve accuracy tests over longer ranges. This will help in getting a detailed insight into the performance differences between the 16-inch barrel and the original shorter ones included in the glock conversion kit. I am also quite keen on checking how well it pairs with a suppressor and identifying any possible functional issues."


As we conclude the assessment, The Gatman expresses his heartfelt thanks to his loyal audience who have supported him throughout this enlightening experience. His captivating narration and meticulous investigation of the Meta Tactical Apex series glock conversion kits have resulted in an extensive and entertaining evaluation that not only highlights the product’s novelty but also his commitment to the gun enthusiast community. As we look forward to subsequent videos from The Gatman, we are constantly reminded of the continually advancing world of firearm technology that continues to fascinate and motivate enthusiasts globally.

Wrapping up, the Meta Tactical Apex series of carbine conversion kits, like a glock conversion kit, present a distinct and pleasurable experience. If you own a Glock 17, M&P, or p80 pistol that’s been sitting idle, these kits give you a chance for a great makeover and amusement. The lengthened barrel and bullpup-style setup can be truly entertaining. As my testing of these kits including the glock conversion kit progresses, I am excited to delve into their precision, dependability, and extra features.

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