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Revolutionizing Handguns: A Comprehensive Review of the Meta Tactical Apex Series Glock Conversion Kit

The Gatman evaluates APEX CCK- A Glock conversion kit for the Smith & Wesson MP2

Homepage » Gatman’s assessment of APEX CCK- A Glock conversion kit designed for Smith & Wesson MP2


The realm of firearm advancements is always full of surprises. One such exciting development comes from The Gatman, an engaging and comedic firearm enthusiast who commands a loyal audience of 34.2K subscribers and 108 videos on his YouTube channel. He recently reviewed the Meta Tactical Apex Series Carbine Conversion Kits. These kits are designed to convert handguns such as the Glock 17, Glock 19, Smith & Wesson M&P, and even the p80 into extended-barrel bullpup-style firearms. They have piqued the interest of the firearm community. In this post, we’re going to dive into The Gatman’s insightful and entertaining review, examining the features, advantages, user experience, and overall take on the Meta Tactical Apex series, with particular emphasis on the Glock conversion kit.


When I uploaded a photo of a glock conversion kit on my Instagram, I got numerous questions about a specific problem – why does the barrel appear to raise while shooting? It seems to perform a slight jiggle. Do you get what I’m referring to? It’s similar to the reaction you give when your partner requests something, and you’re not completely clear about their intention.

A Distinctive

In an engaging introduction, "Hello to all my lovely larpers and larpets!" The Gatman welcomes viewers to the enigmatic universe of the Meta Tactical Apex series carbine conversion kits. As he delves deeper into the crux of the review, he explains the objective and potential of these chassis systems. These kits present a clever option to morph Glock 17, M&P, and p80 handguns into bullpup-style firearms equipped with a 16-inch barrel, elevating the ordinary to exceptional. The Gatman reveals his relationship with Meta Tactical, stating that they kindly supplied him with the glock conversion kits for evaluation, a move that highlights their faith in their product.

The Glock conversion kit is a fantastic tool that turns your standard handgun with its 4.5-inch barrel into a full-fledged rifle with a 16-inch barrel. The conversion process is simple and involves inserting your handgun into the designated slot, shifting a particular pin, and closing a specific door. That’s all there is to it! Once your handgun is comfortably settled within this chassis or Glock conversion kit, it morphs into a Bullpup-style firearm. Consequently, the magazine’s location is now situated behind the trigger, essentially reconfiguring the firearm. This new setup comes with a charging handle at the top. Now, let’s delve into the specifics, starting from the front and gradually making our way to the back.

Mastering the Process of Change

The Gatman embarks on an exciting journey to explain the intricate transformation process, showcasing the uniqueness of glock conversion kits. His amusing comparison of the barrel’s upward movement during shooting to a lighthearted dance sets the stage for the distinctiveness of these kits. He guides the audience through the process of integrating a Smith & Wesson M&P into the chassis system. He highlights the unusual look of a carry gun equipped with a 16-inch barrel. The Gatman goes on to explain that the bullpup-style layout places the magazine behind the trigger, introducing a completely new visual and handling experience.

"Meta Tactical provides a range of supplementary add-ons. For example, there’s a grip specially made for the Glock 17 model, which I haven’t fitted on this particular one. I’m not entirely sure why, but I did install it on this Glock 17 right here using the Glock conversion kit."

Embarking on a Detailed Voyage with a Glock Conversion Kit

As the assessment progresses, The Gatman thoroughly scrutinizes every feature of the Meta Tactical Apex series Glock conversion kit. From the front, he zeroes in on the interesting muzzle device, which looks like a birdcage flash hider, and explores its potential use in defense and its threading for attaching a suppressor. He underscores the versatility of the aluminum rail section, compatible with a range of attachments, like full grips, offering users a wide array of customization options. The Gatman delves into the novel grip and magazine holder specifically designed for the Glock 17 model, demonstrating its reliable functionality.

This arrangement is impressively efficient, and I encountered no difficulties utilizing it, even with my initial doubts. It’s important to mention that this feature is available on both sides of the structure, accommodating users who are left-handed as well, making it a versatile glock conversion kit.

The Gatman doesn’t just focus on the look of the gun. He goes deep into the mechanical parts. He shows how the aluminum charging handle, a key component in a Glock conversion kit, works to cycle the slide and load bullets, offering a clear explanation of its function. The plastic trigger, the crossbar safety feature, and the AR-15 style grip are also closely examined. The Gatman shares his knowledge about how they work, their design, and how they affect the user’s experience with the gun.

It should be highlighted that if you choose to reload while the stock is fully recoiled, you would just need to operate the slide from the front. This may require a little more time, but it’s not a major problem. The charging handle proves to be a feasible option when using the Glock conversion kit. The stock provides an impressive sense of security, and I value its steadiness on my shoulder. For maximum comfort, I usually adjust it to either the third or fourth position.

The Glock Conversion Kit

The Gatman delves into the shooting journey, discussing the importance of recoil control, a critical factor in any firearm’s performance. He comments on the controlled recoil of the 9mm caliber, suggesting that it is due to the design of the Glock conversion kit. Although he recognizes some malfunctions, he doesn’t rush to blame them on the firearm itself, implying that the user’s handling could be a contributing factor. The Gatman’s practical approach demonstrates his commitment to providing a thorough evaluation of the Glock conversion kit’s functionality.

Remarkably, the firearm maintains its sturdiness, even after heavy usage. Even though it’s primarily made of plastic, there’s no indication of parts separating or fasteners becoming loose. The plastic components have shown resilience, even under harsh conditions, making it an excellent choice for a glock conversion kit.

Easy-to-Use Guide for Glock Conversion Kit

Gatman’s emphasis on ease of use also applies to his detailed instructions, where he explains the reloading mechanism, slide unlocking, and magazine removal. He masterfully guides you through these complex procedures, even identifying a design issue when the stock is completely folded, which impacts the ease of reaching the slide lock. His inventive method provides a solution, underscoring the versatility of the Glock conversion kit’s functionality.

Activating the magazine release is as simple as pressing a distinctively textured section. This system proved to be incredibly efficient, and I found it easy to use, even though I was initially skeptical. It’s important to mention that this feature is present on both sides of the frame, making it suitable for those who are left-handed as well. It’s a feature that could be found in a Glock conversion kit.

Investigating Potential Future Opportunities with

As the evaluation concludes, The Gatman shares his thoughts on what lies ahead. He eagerly looks forward to testing the precision of the Glock conversion kit at greater ranges and its compatibility with silencers. His enthusiasm for the kit’s potential and dedication to discovering its full capabilities resonate with the audience who share his interest in gun technology.

"When it comes to the experience of firing, the kickback is easy to control, primarily due to the 9mm caliber. That being said, I’m looking forward to conducting more rigorous tests, which will include checking the accuracy at longer ranges. This will give a more complete comparison of the performance differences between the 16-inch barrel and the original, shorter barrels. Furthermore, I’m excited to examine how well it pairs with a suppressor and to investigate any possible issues that might arise with the glock conversion kit."


In conclusion, The Gatman expresses his deep appreciation to his loyal audience for their continued support throughout this educational adventure. His captivating narration and detailed examination of the Meta Tactical Apex series, notably the glock conversion kit, has resulted in a remarkably comprehensive and entertaining review that highlights not only the product’s cutting-edge features but also The Gatman’s unwavering commitment to the gun community. As we look forward to more content from The Gatman, we’re constantly reminded of the ongoing advancements in firearm technology that continue to fascinate and motivate gun enthusiasts globally.

"To sum up, the Meta Tactical Apex line of carbine conversion kits brings a distinct and pleasurable experience. If you own a Glock 17, M&P, or p80 pistol that’s been sitting idle, these kits present a chance for conversion and amusement. The elongated barrel and bullpup-style setup can truly be entertaining. As I keep trialing these glock conversion kits, I am excited to delve into their precision, dependability, and other features."

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